Art of Stone
Thank you for visiting the your natural stone specialist. If you need any kind of custom stone work such as kitchen counter tops, bathroom vanities, fireplace surrounds, table tops, or furniture tops we will work with you through the design, fabrication, and installation process. We pride ourselves on a high quality of workmanship and an attention to detail that ensures our work will meet your expectations. Looking for something out of the ordinary? We can make custom stone products including polished stone lamps, flower pot surrounds, and jewelry boxes. Looking for something extraordinary? Our resident stone sculptor can create wonders that are as beautiful as they are unique.

For those of you that are remodeling, we offer same day removal/installation. What does same day removal/installation mean? It means we will template over your existing counter tops. Upon completion of fabrication we will remove your existing counter tops and install your new stone counter tops all in the same day. We also offer our in-house master plumber to complete your kitchen installation, making your kitchen available for use the very next morning.